EMPIRE & SONS is the men’s wear brand from New York, US.
It expands the carefully made collections at a base of City of New York with “Natural Fit” and “Profundity”
as the brand concept.

The proper designs for the characteristic of fabric, the exquisite contrast stiches, the way of garment manufacturing with the proper sewing machine for each item, the finishing by hand washing and drying, and etc, the collections provide “Profundity” by spending time and effort on each process. All silhouettes of the items are designed carefully for fitting naturally to the body. The process of the item’s fitting to the one`s body as worn is also the grounds for “Natural Fit”.

The garment manufactures at the factory that has contract for producing items of well-known US brands such as RRL, J.Crew, and rag&bone.

The texture is also carefully chosen such as selecting WHITE OAK denim woven by the US most delegated and world oldest denim factory, Cone Mills Corp, and as selecting the fabric the military uses today.

アメリカ、ニューヨークから展開するメンズウェアブランドEMPIRE & SONS(エンパイア アンド サンズ)。